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Sweet table; 5 different tartlets

  I'm sorry I'm a bit absent on my blog and instagram, but I'm busy with my job (I'm working as a nurse) and my book and I spend all my energy to do that right. But luckily I can't miss you all, so I share a recipe with you. And actually it's not one, but five...

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Matcha cake with white chocolate buttercream

I love watching series! I don't know how many series I've watched the last years, but maybe it's better I don't know. When I'm watching, I can't stop. At this moment I'm watching the last season of Outlander (in Scotland I watched the first two seasons again, I love...

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Shortbread cookies

I'm back from my two week trip through Scotland. It was amazing! Almost can't describe it. Scotland is gorgeous and each part has its own character and its own gems. I made so many photos and I have to find time to edit them all. You can see some in this post and...

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Interview Linda Lomelino

When you think of food photography and sweet baking, you think of Linda Lomelino. If you ask me 'why did you start baking?' my answer is 'Linda'. I borrowed one of her books (her first cake book) from a friend and I was sold. I wanted to bake all those pretty cakes....

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Guest Recipe: No-Bake Chocolate Snack Balls

What do I like the most about instagram? The people, definitely. I've already met so many amazing and inspiring people. People who adore and like the same things as me, and maybe even think the same as me. Look at the workshop I've been in Norway. It was the best...

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Lemon poppyseed cake with elderflower buttercream

I love the British Royal Family! It's funny, because we have a Royal Family ourselves, but there is something about the British that intrigues me. I know (thanks to Philippa Gregory) everything about the history of the Britisch Royals. Ask me anything about the Tudors...

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