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Guest Recipe: No-Bake Chocolate Snack Balls

What do I like the most about instagram? The people, definitely. I've already met so many amazing and inspiring people. People who adore and like the same things as me, and maybe even think the same as me. Look at the workshop I've been in Norway. It was the best...

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Lemon poppyseed cake with elderflower buttercream

I love the British Royal Family! It's funny, because we have a Royal Family ourselves, but there is something about the British that intrigues me. I know (thanks to Philippa Gregory) everything about the history of the Britisch Royals. Ask me anything about the Tudors...

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Raspberry ice cream tart

I love foodphotography. That's a thing I know for sure. But do I also like to photograph moving objects? Like a newborn? A friend of mine gave birth to her first son two weeks ago and she let me "try" if I like this kind of photography too (and if I'm able to make...

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Raspberry sorbet

I have a thing for ice cream. I didn't knew it, but I always get back to it. I promise, my next recipe will be a cake again (I already know what kind of cake). I love the colour of sorbets. The fruit gives such a beautiful colour to the sorbet. Really, this is pure...

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Rhubarb soup with yogurt panna cotta

This dessert is to honour the grandmother from the cook. We've eaten this dessert at the hotel where we were staying during the workshop and I kept thinking of it. It was so beautiful and delicious. The clear, pink, rhubarb soup with only little dots of vanilla. I...

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Peony syrup

One of the things I've learned on the workshop is that you can make delicious things from plants I didn't even know that they were eatable. You can make this syrup also with other things. It's delicious to make a drink of this syrup or just into some yogurt. Curious...

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