When I think back about this workshop I still have to pinch myself. For those who haven’t read all my instagram posts: it was like a dream. A couple of months ago I saw the announcement of this workshop and I knew immediately that I had to be there. I saw the photos from the workshop in Gotland and I regretted so much that I wasn’t there. I was the first one who bought a ticket and I couldn’t be happier.


I booked plane tickets, arranged a place to sleep since I don’t like traveling when I’m in a hurry and wanted to be there one day before and one day after the workshop. I was going to a workshop hosted by Linda Lomelino, Olivia Rubie and Krissy O’Shea! Oh my ..




Day 1


Early in the morning I arrived in Oslo and the weather couldn’t be better. The sun was shining and it was 25 degrees so I decided to walk the 2 km to my hotel and didn’t realize myself that Oslo isn’t as flat as Amsterdam … A lot of people must have laughed to see a little girl with a big pink suitcase, a backpack and a bag for my camera trying to climb up some hills and be all over sweaty, red and a bit burnt.. But I felt so independent and didn’t want to ask someone to help. I was traveling alone, I had to do everything by myself. I’m a big girl now.


After I checked in in my hotel I decided to go for a walk to the Vigeland park. It was only a 50 minute walk and I’m one of those people who says about everything ‘oh, we can walk that!’. The mean reason is that I don’t like the public traffic. Lucklily I was alone this time and I didn’t bother anyone else with it. The park was beautiful and I found a lovely small bakery where I ate a delicious cinnamon bun. I had to say, it was relaxed to be on my own! Survived the first day!




Day 2


I knew two people already from instagram so we arranged to meet on the station and travel together. After a 2 hour train travel, we arrived in Rena and Kati picked us up in a mini van. It turned out almost everyone from the workshop was in the same train, but we didn’t knew each other. The surrounding was beautiful and during our 30 minute drive to Melgården I could only stare outside and enjoying everything I saw. The hotel turned out to be a beautiful big house like you see in movies and since I booked a shared room and there weren’t in the house itself me and my roommate shared a house. A whole house just for ourselves with the cutest bedroom I’ve ever seen. There were also little giftbags with stuff we’ve got from sponsors. I was getting more and more excited, in just a few hours we would meet our teachers and see the house!


In the afternoon Kati picked us up again to bring us to the house were we would spend our days. She parked the car and it was like I arrived in a dream. Even photos can’t give a good representation about how it really is. The feeling when you see the house is indescribable. And when Linda, Krissy, Olivia and Samantha came outside it was even more amazing. I wanted to stay in that moment. Now I’m writing about it I get a warm feeling all over again.


Live, the lady from the house,started a tour through her house. Imagine yourself a 17th century house, with huge rooms, and renovated just how it was. I can’t describe it into words, but it’s breathtaking. Every room has its own charm and character and the way Live tells about it makes it even better. She knows everything about the house and its history and tells about it with so much love and passion you fall immediately in love with the house yourself.


After we’ve seen the house Live gave us a tour through her magical garden. She does this almost every sunday, so if you want to look for yourself it’s possible.  Every plant, every path is renovated just how it was. Amazing, isn’t it? There’s also a dream kitchen garden and a greenhouse, filled with all the vegetables and fruits you can imagine.
That evening Olivia  made us a welcome dinner. I had dinners in really fancy restaurants, but I never had a dinner like this. The dishes didn’t only look pretty, now I know the meaning when something is made with love. You could taste the love Olivia put into this dinner. I’ve had vegetables and plants which I never heard of, combinations even I hadn’t thought of (and you know I like to play with flavors). It was just.. everything was right. We ate and talked until midnight. The workshop couldn’t have started better than this.
Day 2

The next morning we started with a lesson about photography given by Krissy. We sat together like a scool class and watching her presentation on a wall. Really funny to see, I guess! It was technical, but good to hear everything before we really started with photographing. And it was lovely to see with how much passion Krissy tells about photography and her own experiences.

After the lesson Krissy also gave us a flower class. She has been working as a florist! How amazing is that. We learned a lot and I loved to shoot her while she was working with gorgeous flowers.

Samantha and Kati made an amazing lunch for us. A big table in a field so big you felt almost a little lost. The table was filled with so much fresh made delicious things that I had to taste everything. But of course, first we shoot before we can eat.

Besides the food, the compagny was also amazing. Everyone shares the same passion and that connects. It was so lovely to sit every meal next to someone else and have confersations about everything (yes, we talk also about something else than just food). Everyone has their own reason to be on this workshop and another story. I had pretty deep conversations I never thought I would have with some people I just had met. But being together like this does something with you and the connections you make.

After this amazing lunch we were devided into three different groups to follow different classes given by our teachers. I was in the group of Olivia first and we went into a beautiful small house. It was old, there were stuff everywhere but the moment I was inside I knew I loved this! We had to climb stairs to the first floor and there was a beautiful setting Olivia made. She asked us if we want to know something more about food or a photography challange. How can we choose between those two? That’s impossible. So she promised to try to do both and we started with the photography part. Imagine yourself a room full of stuff with in the middle a big table with pots filled with fruits on that, a window in front of you with the most amazing view, herbs hanging on strings, old letters on the table and next to that gorgeous wild flowers. Do you have an image in your head?

We were challanged to try to make 5 different photos in this room. We weren’t allowed to move anything and the light was difficult. When we were ready Olivia would look at our photos and tell us her opinion. How excited! I started and it was harder then I first thought. You want to make 5 whole different photos and you want them to look good already on your small screen of your camera. Because someone you admire is going to judge them! After some playing I’ve got pretty fast inspiration and saw how beautiful the light was there and how amazing photos you can make when you have to deal with some styling you wouldn’t choose. Judge my 5 photos yourself!

The second class was from Linda. She baked a lovely lemon cake and teached us how to photograph smoke. She blew the candles out and sneaked fast to the right side to hide for the cameras which were already clicking. It was really fun to do and amazing when you see the smoke whril to above. After the smoke we went to another room. Linda made a setting with lilac sugar which we could photograph. So funny to see how we all photographed the same setting, almost from the same angle but the photos are looking totally different. Just like a signature.

The last class was from Krissy. It was in the beautiful blue room where we had dinner the day before. She let us see how to style a table and how you work with different hights.

This evening we had dinner at the hotel cooked by a really kind and talented chef. He talked with so much love about the food. The dessert was an honour to his grandmother and the way he told about it gave the dessert so much more love and story. It was heavenly. 

Day 3

Can’t believe the last whole day has arrived already. The days went by so fast and I enjoyed every moment so much. But no time to be sad, because we’re starting the day with a baking demo from Linda. She baked a rhubarb pie in front of us. We learned how to photograph falling flour, sugar, lemon juice and rhubarb pieces. When you photograph these things you have to rase your shutter speed and be fast with shooting. Can you imagine 10 cameras constantly clicking when Linda sprinkled the sugar? I still hear all the clicks in my head. It was so funny.

After the demo we’ve got some alone time. We could use everythink in this gorgeous cabinet and also fresh fruits, herbs and flowers.  I almost became a little greedy, but I ended up with some lovely stuff. I took a basket to carry everything to my favorite spot at Melgården. The lovely, old clockhouse where we were with Olivia’s challange. I expected that more people would go there, but I was the only one. It was so good to have some time alone and play with light and styling. I photographed first a pear and some cherries, but I wasn’t happy with it. And suddenly I saw something. I brought some beautiful flowers to style, but they looked so lovely in my little basket! In the corner I saw a wooden container wich I turned upside down. And there it was. A lovely setting.

Time for our goodbye dinner.  How amazing does this table look? And the view.. unaffordable. Krissy cooked us a dinner and it was so good and delicious. At some moments I didn’t say anything, was listeling to all the conversations, enjoying my delicious meal and watching everything arround me. I knew I wanted this memory to stay alive. It was magical.

For dessert we got a real Swedish cake made by Linda. Can it get any better? I don’t think so!

The last day

There’s a time for coming and, unfortunately, for leaving.

Everyone got 15 minutes one on one time with Krissy, Olivia and Linda. You could use those minutes however you wanted. Talk about your future, about your 5 photos or something totally different. I used my time to talk about my 5 photos and about my future. I can only say, it was so special and those 15 minutes meant very much to me. They even made me cry (in a good way). This memory I keep for myself, I know I won’t forget it.

For the last time we drove to the house. With a small group we walked to a little church on top of a hill. We looked at it every day when we drove to the house and back and every time we said to each other: We have to go to that church before we go home!’ Too bad we couldn’t look inside, but it was anyway lovely to see. Also the view on the house was amazing (see first photo).

Luckily we had until 4 pm to spend together so we talked as a group with Olivia about social media (really interesting to hear how everyone thinks about that) and after that we had an amazing lunch. I can’t say it enough, but oh I miss that food!

After lunch they took us to a hidden spot in the garden. Between the beautiful lilacs there were two gorgeous cakes. Baked by Linda, of course! It was very hot, so we had to photograph fast so the matcha white chocolate cake wouldn’t melt. I also added a photo of Krissy and Linda. For me it shows how much fun we had together. Everything was magical, every moment even precious to me.

What did I learn from the workshop? Of course a lot about photography, how you use light and styling. But I also learned a lot of things what I didn’t expect in advance. I learned a lot about food. I learned what tastes good together and to use things I didn’t even know you could eat. I learned a lot about myself, about my personality and about life. Can a couple of days change your life? Yes they can.